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Lectin Conjugated Gastro-Retentive Delivery System
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An optimized Ethylcellulose microspheres of Clarithromycin were successfully prepared using emulsion/ solvent evaporation method and Con-A was successfully attached to the microspheres using carbodiimide method. Attachment of lectin to the Ethylcellulose microspheres significantly increased the mucoadhesiveness and also controls the release of Clarithromycin in simulated GI fluids. Conjugation aggregation assay suggesting that the lectin can be able to target in the treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection in peptic ulcer disease. Gamma scintigraphy study suggesting that Con-A lectin conjugated Ethylcellulose microspheres have gained considerable attention due to their ability to adhere to the mucus layer, as well as to release the drug in a controlled manner. It is concluded that designed targeted delivery system could possibly increases the bioavailability of Clarithromycin and treated the gastric ulcer in an effective manner.

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